Hyde: Clinton Impeachment Retaliation for Nixon

ABCNews7 in Chicago interviewed Henry Hyde (R-IL):

Republican Congressman Henry Hyde made some surprising comments Thursday on the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton. He now says Republicans may have gone after Clinton to retaliate for the impeachment of Richard Nixon.


Andy Shaw asked Hyde if the Clinton proceedings were payback for Nixon’s impeachment.

“I can’t say it wasn’t, but I also thought that the Republican party should stand for something, and if we walked away from this, no matter how difficult, we could be accused of shirking our duty, our responsibility,” said Hyde.

The piece was available here, but is not currently online.

UPDATE 12:23PM: This piece is back on the website now, but without the quote in this blog post.

UPDATE 1:13PM: Full version — slightly revised — back up on site. ABC7 says they took the original version down while they added a footnote.