I Am Incredibly Important

Ana Marie Cox outlines “The New D.C. Status Symbols”:

Other towns may measure status by your address, your alma mater, your income, or your shoes, but in political Washington right now there is only one barometer of anyone’s importance: How close are you to Obama? Here’s how to tell.

One sign:

You have something to do with the Center for American Progress. Founded by John Podesta in 2003, it started out as a kind of home for Clinton administration alumni. As Podesta’s relationship with Obama has grown (he’s now head of the transition), it’s become one of the only local institutions with a direct line to the future residents and staff of the White House.


It’s true. The influence of this blog and it’s humble author cannot be overstated. This is why come spring Obama is actually going to require the death penalty for anyone who spends March watching college basketball players fail to score against slow, inept defenses and praising them for their “teamwork” and mastery of the “fundamentals.”