I Can Think Of A Reason, Max Boot

Responding to David Ignatius’s suggestion that the commander of Iran’s Quds Force hopes that “the next administration will be more favorable to Iran’s interests,” Max Boot auto-writes:

There is, of course, no earthly reason why the Quds Force commander could expect that a John McCain (whose campaign — full disclosure — I advise on foreign policy) would be more favorable to his interests. So the implication is that Iran’s top terrorist is hoping that Americans will elect Barack Obama this fall.

No earthly reason? Oh, I don’t know about that. Given that two Bush terms have resulted in the destruction of Iran’s greatest rival, the installation of an Iran-friendly regime in its place, and the extension of Iran’s power and influence throughout the region, I think it’s quite possible that a Quds Force commander would be rubbing his hands with glee over the potential Iranian gains to be realized from McCain mucking about in the Middle East — especially since so many of the super-geniuses who helped Iran out by getting up the Iraq war are now advising McCain.