If Brit Hume Were President…

Fox anchor Brit Hume took a creative approach this weekend to defending President Bush’s embattled U.N. nominee John Bolton. Here he is responding to the news that 59 former U.S. diplomats, including many conservatives, signed a letter condemning Bolton:

WILLIAMS: What about the 60 diplomats, including many Republicans, who have sent a letter to the Senate committee, saying we think it’s a mistake to approve John Bolton. That was based entirely on his views on the U.N.

HUME: I would hope that they would be — frankly, if I were the president and I was trying to get my foreign policy accepted, adopted, or imposed, if necessary, on the State Department, and I had someone for the U.N., I would hope there would be at least 60 diplomats and maybe many more who would find him an unattractive candidate.

See, by Hume’s logic, all you have to do to be a good candidate for the Bush administration is be considered “unattractive” by at least 60 bipartisan well-qualified observers. You have to wonder, where was Brit when Bernie Kerik needed him?