If you want to thank Lindsey Graham for reaching across the aisle to address the climate problem….

Email link for GOP Sen. Graham’s DC Office — Ph. 202–224–5972 — Graham’s SC office 864–250–1417 — SC GOP HQ Ph. 803–988–8440

Yes, sometimes I visit the website of the Swift boat smearer to see the latest in denier talking points and to be amused by his latest self-acknowledged version of performance art and to save you all the trouble!

I tend to ignore what Morano writes because:

  1. He just makes stuff up (see Scientist: “Our conclusions were misinterpreted” by Morano and Inhofe, CO2 “” but not the sun “” “is significantly correlated” with temperature since 1850).
  2. The latest web analysis suggests right-wing denial websites like his are only talking to themselves.

But this time I found two tidbits that need responding too. First, he published an outright lie about me (with my photo!) that I will address shortly. Second, he attacked Linsday Graham who, as I reported, has reached across the aisle to John Kerry (D-MA) to achieve a bipartisan solution to our climate and energy problems, as I blogged on this morning here.


For Morano, Graham is “another GOP turncoat ala Arlen Specter” — but this is another of his outright lies. Graham is a mainstream conservative — he has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 89.79. Graham is an ACU “Senate Standout,” among the 20 most conservative U.S. Senators in 2008!

The turncoats are Morano and Inhofe (R-OIL) — they have turned their backs on their species, on all of our children and grandchildren, in their zealous quest to stop us from acting in time to preserve a livable climate. Remember also that Morano has long-standing personal animosity against Kerry. SourceWatch notes: “CNS and Morano were the first source in May 2004 of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth claims against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election…. On May 3, 2004, he wrote the CNS article “Kerry ‘Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief,’ Say Former Military Colleagues” “” a pack of lies ahead of its time!

For the record, McCain has an 81.43 lifetime ACU rating and 63 in 2008. Specter is a 44.47 lifetime and 42 in 2008. Kerry is 5.5 lifetime, 4 in 2008. It isn’t one’s political persuasion that makes one want to take aggressive action to deal with global warming and energy security — it is simply knowledge and openness to the facts, as, for instance, John Warner (ACU lifetime rating 80.13) demonstrates (see “Real vets support strong action on climate and clean energy “” as does GOP Senator John Warner, former Armed Services Committee chair”).

And so Morano is trying to gin up a flood of calls and emails into Graham’s Senate office by posting this:

Email link for GOP Sen. Graham’s DC Office — Ph. 202–224–5972 — Graham’s SC office 864–250–1417 — SC GOP HQ Ph. 803–988–8440

Since I have a lot more readers than Morano, I thought I would return the favor. Obviously, if you’re from SC, that’s even better.


Remember, conservatives like to eat their own — see “Honey, I shrunk the GOP, Part 1: Conservatives vow to purge all members who support clean energy or science-based policy.” At least with Graham, he’s not up for reelection until 2014.

If, as now seems likely, there is a comprehensive climate and clean energy bill signed by President Obama next year, this move by Graham will be remembered as a seminal moment of bipartisanship. He certainly deserves the praise and support of all Americans of all political persuasions.