Illinois Lawmaker Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Because It’s A ‘Disordered Relationship’

The Illinois House of Representatives could vote on same-sex marriage any day now, but it’s unclear if the bill has the votes to pass yet. Marriage equality sponsor Rep. Greg Harris (D) describes the rhetoric as “getting very heated,” and one lawmaker proved that on a radio interview with the Catholic Conference of Illinois. Rep. Jeanne Ives (R) expressed her disappointment that she had to deal with same-sex marriage because “it’s a disordered relationship” and she described gays as trying to “weasel their way into acceptability” and their children as “objects of desire”:

IVES: I didn’t go down there to talk about same-sex marriage… They’re trying to redefine marriage. It’s a completely disordered relationship and when you have a disordered relationship, you don’t ever get order out of that. So I’m more than happy to take a “No” vote on the issue of homosexual marriage. […]

What they’re trying to do is not just redefine marriage, they’re trying to redefine society. They’re trying to weasel their way into acceptability so that they can then start to push their agenda down into the schools, because this gives them some sort of legitimacy. And we can’t allow that to happen… It’s the natural right of the child to be with both parents, either in an adoptive nature or in a biological nature. To not have a mother and a father is really a disordered state for a child to grow up in and it really makes that child an object of desire rather than the result of a matrimony.

Listen to it (via Jeremy Hooper):


It seems unlikely given her vitriolic comments that Ives has ever met a single same-sex family, which at least gives her the excuse of ignorance about how little she knows about gay people. If she has met such families and seen how loving and supportive they can be, then her comments are nothing short of bigoted.