Illinois Republicans Fail To Oust Chairman Who Supports Marriage Equality

In early January, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady spoke out in favor of marriage equality. Despite push-back from conservatives, as well as the National Organization for Marriage, Brady stood by his position. Last week, the state Republican Party’s central committee organized a meeting to consider ousting Brady over his controversial endorsement, but that meeting ended up not happening.

According to the State Journal-Register, the committee canceled that Saturday meeting late on Friday for two reasons: concern that firing Brady would limit the party’s appeal to moderate voters and more importantly, because it became clear that there weren’t enough votes. Apparently there were some members who had concerns about Brady that weren’t related to his position on marriage, but they didn’t want to be associated with the people opposed to him for that.

A recent study found that supporting marriage equality does not endanger Republicans’ chances of re-election, except when other conservatives wage campaigns of vengeance.