I’m Thankful for Climate Scientists. How About You?

What are you thankful for?

To be more precise, what are climate hawks thankful for?

It’s been another tough year for climate hawks, which is all the more reason to focus for one day on the positive things.

I am thankful for climate scientists, who toil away for long hours away from their family, sometimes in the most inhospitable parts of the world, for not much money (sorry disinformers) — and do so thanklessly, indeed they do so in the face of anti-science cyber-bullying and hostility from sorry-ass disinformers — all in a desperate attempt to avert the gravest of human tragedies. They are like the hero of Henrik Ibsen’s classic An Enemy of the People — which someone should definitely modernize into a climate science parable.

Anyway, what are you climate hawks thankful for today (aside from not being turkeys)?