In A ‘Shot-By-Shot’ Comparison, Jon Stewart Reveals The GOP’s Pledge Is ‘Exactly Like’ Its ‘Old Ideas’

Amidst the great fanfare surrounding the “Pledge to America” unveiling yesterday, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) admitted that the GOP is recycling failed policies in its new document. “We’re not going to be any different than what we’ve been,” he said.

Last night, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart offered proof of this “self-reflection” in a video comparing quotes from Contract With America-era Republicans with Republicans at yesterday’s press conference. The compilation spans more than a decade and shows an almost identical repetition of the old Republican talking points:

REP. PETER ROSKAM (R-IL): Reign in the Washington, DC red tape.. [9/23/10]

FORMER REP. DENNIS HASTERT (R-IL): Cut Washington red tape.. [1/3/01]

REP. JEB HANSERLING (R-TX): Act immediately to reduce spending.. [9/23/10]

FORMER HOUSE SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH (R-GA): Have real reforms to reduce spending.. [6/5/98]

REP. JASON CHAFFETZ (R-UT): Change the way we do business in Washington..[9/23/10]

REP. JIM NUSSLE (R-IA): Change business as usual in Washington..[11/19/94]

ROSKAM: Make the tax cuts permanent.. [9/23/10]

FORMER MAJORITY LEADER DICK ARMEY (R-TX): Make the existing tax cuts permanent [9/15/02]

REP. BILL CASSIDY (R-LA): savings accounts that puts the patient firmly in control…[9/23/10]

HASTERT: Health savings accounts which will give families more control.. [8/30/04]

HANSERLING: Reduce the size of our government..[9/23/10]

GINGRICH: ..reducing the size of government.. [9/18/03]

BOEHNER: A smaller, less costly, and more accountable government in our nation’s capital. [9/23/10]

BOEHNER: A smaller, less costly, and more accountable government in Washington. [4/3/98]

Watch it:

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Indeed, the agenda promises nothing more than a return to the Bush Administration’s failed economic policies and the big business agenda. Even right-wing pundit Erick Erickson notes the agenda’s content proves “that the House GOP has not learned much of anything from 2006.” In responding to Boehner’s “we’re not any different” comment, Stewart said “I believe that’s a promise you can keep.”

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