In Farewell Address, Jeffords Urges U.S. Foreign Policy To Be ‘Less Haughty And More Humble’

Sen. Jim Jeffords (I-VT), who became best known for his defection from the Republican Party in 2001 because he said he could not support President Bush’s agenda, delivered his farewell address to the Senate yesterday.

Culminating a 32-year career in Congress that included voting against the Oct. 2002 Iraq war resolution, Jeffords struck a cautionary tone, warning: “We would be better served in world affairs today by being less haughty and more humble. I regret that my departure from Congress, like my arrival, finds our country at war. Young and even not-so-young Americans are sacrificing life and limb, while the rest of us are making little or no sacrifice.” Watch it:


Transcript of his remarks HERE.