In Good Hands

I’ve written before that my perception of Peyton Manning was completely transformed by how funny he was in his MasterCard ads. For the past couple of months, I’ve been feeling the same way about Dean Winters in his Mayhem ads for AllState, for example:


With the exception of his role as Dennis Duffy on 30 Rock, Winters’ work is almost exclusively in drama (I haven’t watched Oz, but I quite like him on Rescue Me and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit). In these ads, though, he’s funny with an air of menace unlike Dennis’s cluelessness, and it’s a nice balance. I know most actors don’t take commercials with the idea that they offer long-term creative opportunities or that they’ll point the way towards a new career direction. But I definitely think Winters and his agent should consider how well these clips have worked out for him. The guy definitely has potential as a funny heavy.