In The Interests of Charity

As I wrote this morning “If you’re a white guy looking to vent about how Puerto Rican women growing up poor in the Bronx get unfair advantages in life, the conservative movement has a lot to offer you.” Just in time, here’s Michael Goldfarb to prove my point “Does anyone dispute that Sotomayor has been the recipient of preferential treatment for most of her life?”

Jason Zengerle comments:

Honestly. Is there anything in Sotomayor’s background — other than the fact that she’s a Latina — that would lead Goldfarb to such a sweeping conclusion? I’m always reluctant to say someone’s a racist, but I’m really struggling to come up with another explanation here.

Personally, I’m of the view that American pundits are too hesitant to call other people’s statements racist, but in the case of Goldfarb I’m willing to lean toward charity. If you look at the man’s body of work in full, there’s tons of evidence that he’s extremely dim-witted and not that much in the way of racially charged rhetoric.