In The Tank

I love Entertainment Weekly, which I think is probably not something pop culture critics say very often. It’s not a Very Serious Journal, though it employes a number of very good critics, particularly for movies. It’s solidly poppy magazine, funny and irreverent. Michael Ausiello is one of the entertainment journalists I most admire: he’s both very good at reporting on television, and has built a great, multi-platform relationship with his fans, and his an extremely unique voice. One of the reasons I subscribe to the magazine is a desire to contribute to his salary.But I am mystified by the extent to which the magazine is in the tank for Twilight. One of the reasons EW’s stayed viable is by staying hard on top of emerging trends. But the oversaturation for Twilight is kind of astonishing. The publication of a graphic novel version of the novels is news. But it’s not a six-page spread.