Indictment Dissected: A Campaign Against Wilson

[This is the third part of a Think Progress series breaking down the significance of the Libby indictment.]At various points in the indictments, evidence is put forth to suggest that a broad, collaborative effort was undertaken in the Bush administration to smear Joe Wilson.

1. Libby “participated in discussions in the Office of the Vice President concerning how to respond” to Walter Pincus’s story in the Washington Post suggesting that the Bush administration was aware of bad intelligence on uranium prior to the war (see #8).

2. Libby had “a conversation” with Official A [Rove] in which the identity of Wilson’s wife was discussed (see #21).

3. Libby had discussions aboard Air Force 2 with officials in the Vice President’s office regarding how best to respond “to certain pending media inquiries, including questions from Time reporter Matthew Cooper,” about Wilson’s claims (see #22).


4. After Libby asked the Under Secretary of State to investigate Wilson’s trip, the State Department official told Libby that his wife worked at the CIA (see #4 and 6).

5. Libby had lunch with White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in which they discussed the fact that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA (see #16) [comment: Ari seems to have flipped]