Inhofe calls Obama a great liar, says ‘most’ of State of the Union speech ‘wasn’t true.’

Reacting to President Obama’s first State of the Union, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) told KRMG radio in Tulsa that he was impressed… with Obama’s ability to lie effectively. Cautioning that he “didn’t want to be discourteous about this,” Inhofe said, “If you look at the groups he’s catering too, there’s a little bit for everyone — most of it wasn’t true”:

INHOFE: I was thinking back to the first State of the Union Address with President Clinton, and I thought this guy can say things that are untrue with greater conviction than anyone I’ve ever seen. I honestly think that Obama is better. And I don’t mean that unkindly.

When he says things that he knows are not right, we know these are his weakest points and he tries to make them into his strongest points. … So many things that he’s said, ‘all of our troops out by August,’ well that just isn’t going to happen. … So I was very disappointed, but at the same time, I have to say that he was so incredibly eloquent, that I see a lot of people that I look at next to me that you know don’t agree with this stuff and they start nodding in approval.

Listen here:


Inhofe called Obama’s comments about the Bush administration’s contribution to the deficit “disingenuous” and “just not true.” But a CAP analysis concludes that 41 percent of the source of increased spending in 2009 is attributable to the financial rescues begun by Bush. Moreover, with regards to the redeployment from Iraq, PolitiFact found Obama has kept his promise to begin winding down our involvement and is on pace to do so by his August deadline. (HT: Gateway Pundit)


On his radio show this afternoon, Fox News host Sean Hannity praised Inhofe’s remarks, saying, “he’s exactly right.”