Inhofe Defends ‘Global Warming Is The Greatest Hoax’ Comment: ‘I Think I Was Right’

In 2003, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) declared that global warming is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” During a debate this past Tuesday night, when asked whether he stands by that claim, Inhofe offered a defiant defense of his position:

INHOFE: I think I was right on that, and I do believe — first off, let’s keep in mind, though, what the issue is. It’s not whether or not we’re going into a global warming period. We were. We’re not now.

You know, God’s still up there. We’re now going through a cooling spell. And the whole issue there was is it man-made gases, anthropogenic gases, CO2, methane. I don’t think so.

Asked whether John McCain is a victim of the global warming “hoax,” Inhofe responded, “People are afraid of some of the environmentalists out there because they pour all the money into campaigns and, consequently, we have a lot of people who fall in that category, and some of them are Republicans.”

Summing up his assessment of global warming science, Inhofe declared: “It’s hysteria.” Watch it:

This chart prepared by NASA’s Goddard Institute clearly disproves the notion that we’re in a cooling period:

Far from a “cooling spell,” the U.S. is now entering a period of “global boiling.” Each day brings new, troubling headlines of a world wrought with extreme storms, floods, droughts, rising seas, catastrophic change, and species loss.


In addition, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) recently reported that Arctic sea ice volume likely hit a record low in 2008. NASA data shows that for a four-week period in August 2008, sea ice melted faster during that period than ever before. Apparently, the “cooling spell” hasn’t been felt in the Arctic.[featuredcomment]dono says: “I love the line about ‘fear of the environmentalists…because they have all the contributions to politicians…’

yea good thing they control politicians and not oil, gas and manufacturing companies! Those concerns have a fraction of the funds compared to the Fat Cat, wealthy environmentalists.”[/featuredcomment]