Inhofe flip-flops, admits the climate bill is “Alive and Well” — thanks to grassroots clean energy push

Right after the House passed the climate and clean energy bill, uber-denier Sen. James Inhofe (R-OIL) told Tulsa World that, from a Senate perspective, “It’s dead in the water.”In a CleanSkies op-ed Monday titled, “Sen. Inhofe: GOP Beware: Though Now Stalled, Cap-and-Trade is Alive and Well,” admits, the climate bill “is very much alive.” But what is most amazing about this op-ed is the unintentionally revealing explanation Inhofe offers for the revival of the bill’s chances:

… their [Democrat’s] allies outside the Beltway are preparing a massive $20 million campaign to push legislation forward.

This effort should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who believes cap-and-trade is dead and buried””it is very much alive.

Inhofe uses the term “outside the Beltway” as if that’s a bad thing. Only to a guy like Inhofe, who kowtows to DC’s Big Oil lobbyists, are people “outside the Beltway” some sort of foreign entity whose actions are to be criticized and attacked.


Yes, despite the massive disinformation campaign from Inhofe’s polluter buddies, grassroots organizations and the American public want action on the climate and clean energy bill, as every major recent poll shows:

What has caused Inhofe to flip flop, to feel he needs to go on the attack for legislation he claimed was headed to the morgue?

Green groups are repackaging cap-and-trade as “clean energy legislation.”

No, not repackaging — this was always pushed as a climate and clean energy jobs bill. And it is not just the “green groups” pushing the key messages (see “Clean Energy Works launches: New grassroots effort unites faith, labor, veterans, environmental, sportsmen, business, youth, farm, and community groups to fight for for clean air, clean water, clean energy job bill”). But the grassroots have gotten organized — and that is always scary to someone who is trying to block what the American public wants.

And you can skip the rest of the op-ed. It is Inhofian disinformation, which I’d call par for the course, except that most of his falsehoods are double bogeys