Inhofe Kinda Sorta Admits Waterboarding is Torture

Unusual honesty:

Inhofe says that those in favor of closing GITMO believe that the perception is that the United States has been torturing detainees there. Inhofe says this is “bogus.” “We don’t have one documented case of weatherboarding, or really torturing, depending on what you use as a definition.”

He also offers this ludicrous notion:

Inhofe also believes that if we detain terrorists in the same facilities with criminals, the terrorists will use this opportunity to their advantage. “By definition, terrorists are in the business of training people to be terrorists, that’s what they do for a living. And of course you put them with a bunch of people who steal hubcaps or whatever they’re in there for, they could come out as terrorists,” said Inhofe.


Or maybe gang members will teach the terrorists how to sell cocaine, and they’ll abandon jihad in favor of a glamorous career in drug distribution.