Inhofe: ‘Why Do They Always Pick On The Christians?’

Last week, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) announced that he would refuse to participate in Tulsa’s “Holiday Parade of Lights” because the city had renamed the parade, replacing “Christmas” with “Holiday.” After taking part in the parade every year for three decades, Inhofe took a public stand against what he called a “shameful attempt to take Christ, the true reason for our celebration, out of the parade’s title.” “Until the parade is again named the Christmas Parade of Lights, I will not participate,” he declared.

This morning, Fox & Friends interviewed the chairman of the parade and Inhofe about the senator’s boycott. “I think not participating because we changed the name is kind of a silly reason,” said Larry Fox, the parade’s chairman. But Inhofe and host Gretchen Carlson saw nothing “silly” about the renaming, seeing it as part of a larger nefarious plot to give “the boot” to Christians:

INHOFE: Gretchen, I rode my horse in that parade for 30 years and I never missed one until they changed the name. When he said that was a silly reason, I don’t think that was a silly reason at all. … But, you know, this is a bigger picture. … You know, I would expect it some other places, but not here in Oklahoma. […]

CARLSON: So, what you’re saying is, that it’s not like you’re not tolerant of other religions. … What you’re saying is — what a lot of people are saying in our society right now — which is if we’re supposed to be tolerate of all these other religions, which pretty much everyone accepts, why does it always seem like Christianity is the one to take the boot?

INHOFE: They’re the ones to get the hit. … I think there are a lot people of other faiths who wonder also, why do they always pick on the Christians?

Watch it:

It’s worth noting that while Inhofe laments the demise of Christian supremacy in the parade’s name — the event itself will still feature Christmas themes and decorations — — his state has gone to great lengths to ward against the non-existent threat of Islamic supremacy, enacting a constitutional amendment to ban Sharia law. So perhaps it’s not surprising that he wouldn’t expect this outburst of political correctness “here in Oklahoma.”

And while Carlson went out of her way to speak for Inhofe and clarify “that it’s not like you’re not tolerant of other religions,” the senator has been less than tolerant in the past.