Inhofes climate change-denying Copenhagen ˜truth squad expands to a ˜truth squad of three.

From Think Progress

Last month, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) announced that he would travel to Copenhagen in December to act as a climate skeptic “truth squad” during international climate change treaty negotiations. “I think somebody has to be there “” a one-man truth squad,” Inhofe said on CSPAN. Today, on Bill Bennett’s radio show, Inhofe revealed that his delegation has expanded to “a truth squad of three”:

BENNETT: And John Barrasso’s going with you, right? John Barrasso?

INHOFE: Yeah, Barrasso and there’s another secret person going with me. We’re going to have a team of three, a truth squad of three.


[JR Note: Sen. Barrasso (R-WY) is the guy who tryied to block intelligence on the national security threat posed by climate change.]

Listen here:

When Inhofe first announced his plans for a “truth squad,” TPM’s Eric Kleefeld remarked, “It’s nice to see how seriously foreign policy is taken these days “” when a member of the political minority will send his own delegation to an international conference, in order to undermine the government and tell other countries that they can’t work with the United States.” Now it’s at least two members of the political minority.