Introducing ‘Recession Reality’

The Senate is expected to pass its version of the economic recovery package tomorrow. The House and Senate will then begin a negotiation to reconcile the differing versions of the bill before a final proposal is taken up, passed by both chambers, and sent to the President for his signature. Conservative obstructionism and “centrist” recalcitrance threaten to delay the passage of this vital legislation.

As President Obama said today in Elkhart, Indiana:

We’ve had a good debate. Now it’s time to act. That’s why I am calling on Congress to pass this bill immediately. Folks here in Elkhart and across America need help right now, and they can’t afford to keep on waiting for folks in Washington to get this done.

To keep the heat on Congress, ThinkProgress is introducing a new daily series that we’re calling “Recession Reality,” an attempt to link the plight of struggling Americans with the Washington debate over the stimulus. The purpose of the series is to highlight the real and catastrophic impacts that spending shortfalls are causing to communities all across America. We’ll do this by compiling local TV news reports.


Our first “Recession Reality” looks at the situation in Kentucky. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who is fighting against the economic recovery package, should take note of the “recession reality” in his region: one fewer ambulance on the streets…teachers getting their paychecks cut…local retailers fighting for survival…people dangerously skimping on health care. Watch it:

We’ll be doing these “Recession Reality” posts every day until the final recovery package is passed by the House and Senate. Let us know in the comments section what’s happening in your communities.