Introducing The Pepper Spraying Cop Tumblr

The infamous pepper spraying of peaceful UC Davis students by Lt. John Pike was captured and broadcast across the world by an image of Pike casually walking among students and blasting them with the crowd control weapon.

Now, the internet has responded to Pike’s police brutality in a classic Internet way — by satirizing it and turning it into a meme. The Pepper Spraying Cop Tumblr transforms the image of Pike brutalizing students by placing the police officer in classic paintings, photographs, and even hieroglyphics. Here are a few of the satirized images:

Pepper Spraying Cop featured in Edvard Munch’s classic painting The Scream:

Pepper Spraying Cop showing off his free speech suppression skills to the Founding Fathers:


Lt. Pike was apparently a real asset to the ancient Egyptians as well:

See even more satirized images of Lt. Pike here at the Pepper Spraying Cop Tumblr — or even make your own.