Iraq fading as an issue?

Peter Beinart writes, “The reason Iraq is fading is simple: Not as many people are dying there.” Kos responds:

Beinart, like his pro-war buddies on the Right, want to pretend that the fact that “only” 40 Americans G.I.s are dying a month in Iraq is great news and knocks Iraq from the public’s mind. And it may be true that Iraq is getting less discussion in the national press than before. But the discontent in Iraq was never driven by media coverage. [..]

If anything, the relative quiet on Iraq is a sign that the debate is over. There is no longer any doubt that the American people have decided they want out, and there’s no new information possible that could change their minds.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund warned in a memo last month that progressives are at risk of “drifting themselves into offering only a vague and muddled vision” for the future course in Iraq, rather than providing the “clear alternative” that is needed.