Irresponsible Speculation

So what if there were a Senator who wants to be Secretary of State and also sits on the Judiciary Committee. What that be the sort of person who might know about a Justice Department investigation into misconduct by another prominent member of the Democratic national security establishment . . . ?

Contrary to what a lot of liberals are saying, the timing of this is all wrong to be a Republican plot. You would want to leak it the day after the 9–11 report came out to try and bump that story off the front pages. This way you just ensure that Berger gets bumped by the report and then the convention. Besides which, the story would have been more damaging to the Kerry campaign if they held onto it until October or so — the closer to the election, the more awkward it is to dump one of your top foreign policy advisors. I smell an inside job.

At any rate, leaving soon for a TAP retreat to some godforesaken place from which I may or may not be blogging. Enjoy!