Is Miley Cyrus an Alinskyite Mole Sent to Brainwash Country Music Fans

I was asking one of my colleagues last week what on earth Andrew Breitbart’s “Big Hollywood” site could possibly be about. Multiple articles, every day, complaining about how some entertainers are liberals? Really? Apparently that’s exactly it. Over the weekend Brian Cherry brought us this little exercise in GoodThink in which he frets that Miley Cyrus may be a leftwing mole:

Music and American politics have become linked, with most of the genres in the “Hope and Change” category. During the 2008 presidential campaign, a country artist I am acquainted with talked about the stress of that election and how her vote was putting her at odds with her family, friends, fans, and industry (three guesses who she voted for). To change the very culture of that industry, you need to pave the way for the shrill Natalie Maines types with the seemingly harmless Miley types. Ms. Cyrus is presented to us a fully Disneyfied young lady with a Christian background and the values to boot. This is the sort of person that the Middle America country fans should love, right? As with many things in the entertainment world, her image is a well manufactured myth and the truth is that this young lady brings an entire suitcase of San Francisco values with her as baggage when she eventually breaks into the country music scene. […]

What Miley has that others don’t though, is a father who can get her through the Nashville gauntlet and into the club without paying any real dues. While it is nearly inevitable that she will one day take advantage of a country music plan B, the problem is that she could be a corrupting, left-leaning, influence on an industry that so many liberal elites want to see taken out of the “red state” column.

There is probably no conspiracy to use her in this way, and there is no Star Chamber that will teach her a secret handshake and give her marching orders. If she tries her hand at being a country star, an Alinski friendly media culture will simply reward her efforts, because she is one of them.


I can’t quite tell if we’re supposed to take this sort of thing seriously. But I think it’s telling that a fair amount of conservative commentary consists of this sort of complaint — complaints that aren’t really about politics or policy or anything I can quite recognize. The idea, I guess, is that the people who make country music ought to be a certain way, and if one of them isn’t then something is wrong with the world and liberals must be to blame. But clearly someone with this mentality is never going to be satisfied with any possible configuration of the world.