Islamophobia Network’s David Horowitz Responds To ThinkProgress By Calling Us ‘Fascistic’

In CAP’s 130-page report on the Islamophobia network, the authors took great pains to carefully document our facts. In response to CAP’s research, the Islamophobia network’s David Horowitz responds in typical fashion with baseless name-calling:

Think Progress — an organization created by George Soros and the Clintons — has joined the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas-spinoff CAIR and assorted Marxist groups in issuing a report on “Islamophobia,” which is a smear category designed to silence critics of Islamic terror, Islamic misogyny and Islamic hatred of Jews, gays, Christians, Hindus and other “infidels.” […]

The Think Progress report is a typical fascistic attempt to silence critics and scare donors from supporting their efforts to inform the American public about the threats we face from the Islamic jihad.

Who is David Horowitz? A former New Left radical of the 1960s-turned-right wing enthusiast, he heads the “David Horowitz Freedom Center” which boasts two anti-Muslim online magazines, FrontPage Magazine and Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. These publications have claimed Obama is a practicing Muslim and that Obama’s outreach to global Muslim majority countries is proof of his radical Islamist agenda.

Horowitz attempts to distort Islam and Arabs with such quotes as:

“Osama bin Laden is a very good Muslim — a model one, in fact, and one of the most devout in the 1400 years of Islam.” [Source]

“We already have a lot of infiltration of Islamic jihadist doctrines into our K-12 school systems.” [Source]

“What has the Arab world contributed except terror?…The theocratic, repressive Arabic states do no significant science, no significant arts and culture.” [Source]

In a hate-filled rant at Brooklyn College, Horowitz yelled: “The problem is when you have a religion which preaches war and violence and hate, rationality is never gonna take land for the [Muslim] Brotherhood in America, and as I said, the mission is to destroy the American civilization.” Watch him in action:

Horowitz also uses his websites to promote the center’s Terrorism Awareness Project. Built on the fear of an Islamic crusade against the West, the center and Horowitz have been organizing Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week programs on hundreds of campuses across the country. It’s all documented in our report.


He is funded in part by grants from the Donors Capital Fund, Richard Mellon Scaife foundations, Bradley foundation, Newton and Rochelle Becker foundations, Anchorage Charitable Foundation and William Rosenwald Family Fund, and the Fairbrook Foundation. One wonders if those foundations understand what they are funding and whether they agree with Horowitz’s hate language.


Former Bush speechwriter Josh Trevino sarcastically tweets, “The Center for American Progress ‘Islamophobia’ report is really useful, in that we may disregard every person who takes it seriously.”