Islamophobia Network’s Robert Spencer: CAP Report Is Part Of ‘Islamic Supremacist Propaganda Machine’

Just as his anti-Muslim colleague David Horowitz did earlier, Islamophobia network leader Robert Spencer responds to the facts of the CAP report by engaging in baseless smears and innuendos. “Fear, Inc.,” he writes, is just “simply an instrument” of “the misogynistic and unjust agenda of the Islamic jihad.”

In his lengthy response on the anti-Muslim site Jihad Watch, Spencer — who earns at least $140,000 to run that hate site — doesn’t identify or list any factual errors in CAP’s report. Spencer merely concludes that the report’s authors must be part of the “Islamic supremacist propaganda machine.”


Both Horowitz — who is currently trying to fundraise off our report — and Spencer reveal much about their own tactics and methods through their responses. In their view, anyone who believes that their anti-Muslim rhetoric is divisive, inappropriate, and unhelpful must be siding with the terrorists. It is rarely possible to have any rational discourse with the Islamophobia network.