Jacksonville Tea Party Protest Features Signs Comparing President Obama To Hitler

During July 4th celebrations last weekend, anti-Obama protesters again assembled for tea parties across the country. The Washington Independent has noted that the tea party movement has lost steam since April, and that the protests last weekend were sporadic. In Jacksonville, FL, attendance was estimated to be 4,500 people for the April protest, but last week drew only 1,000.

The Duval County Republican Party, one of the organizers of the Jacksonville protest, has been engulfed in controversy because of numerous posters featured at the rally depicting President Obama as Adolf Hitler:

The Duval County Republican Party posted the pictures on the Party Facebook page. Racist and offensive posters have become a norm for tea parties, with signs comparing Obama to Osama Bin Laden distributed at the very first rallies.

Though the Duval County GOP has tried to disassociate itself from the protest, a new ad campaign, paid for by other tea party organizers, compares Obama to Hitler.