James O’Keefe harasses PA voters, brags about it on video

In new video, the conservative activist tails a bus he says is taking voters to polls.

CREDIT: Twitter
CREDIT: Twitter

Conservative activist James O’Keefe posted video of himself Tuesday tailing what he says is a bus taking voters to the polls in Pennsylvania.

“We’re going to be releasing video here today doing some improper things, busing some people around, maybe they shouldn’t be doing it,” O’Keefe said in the video.


The implication seems to be that the van was taking people to vote at multiple polling locations, but there was no evidence of that activity. O’Keefe later tweeted that a new video would come out soon. This post will be updated if and when that happens.

Under Pennsylvania law, it is illegal to intimidate voters. It was not immediately apparent whether O’Keefe would meet that threshold, but following and videotaping people headed to the polls could easily be construed as aggressive action.

Another O’Keefe video shows a democratic operative saying that the party has been “busing people for 50 years.” O’Keefe suggests this is indicative of voting fraud — but busing people to polls is a longstanding method of getting out the vote.

As ThinkProgress has previously reported, O’Keefe, under the auspices of his Project Veritas, is known for recording his political opponents and then selectively editing the videos to present a falsely damning impression of his subjects.


O’Keefe has been fined multiple times for actions related to the making of his videos. In addition, ThinkProgress has confirmed that in a video released last month, O’Keefe recorded phone call participants without their knowledge — a practice that is illegal in 11 states, including where the calls were taking place.

Meanwhile, O’Keefe reportedly warned his followers that people were coming from Mexico to California to vote, as well.

Pennsylvania might be a swing state, but California is decidedly blue. It was not immediately apparent why someone would bus people into California to vote.

UPDATE: An unrelated video targeting a religious leader in Indiana for getting out the vote was posted later Tuesday.