January 9 News: Interior Department To Conduct High-Level Review Of Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plans

After a series of serious mishaps involving Shell Oil’s Arctic ocean oil drilling equipment, federal officials said they will conduct a 60-day assessment of the proposed offshore drilling program in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, off the north coast of Alaska. [Summit County Voice]

Barack Obama may intervene directly on climate change by hosting a summit at the White House early in his second term, environmental groups say. [Guardian]

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said Tuesday that she would introduce legislation next week aimed at preventing the transfer of research funded by the Department of Energy to companies based in non-allied countries. [The Hill]

Lisa Jackson has announced her exit as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who faced congressional criticism over green-energy programs, could follow. Obama may end up assembling a second- term team for a different task: how to manage the boom in U.S. production of oil and natural gas. [Bloomberg]


Jack Gerard, the often-combative chief executive of the American Petroleum Institute, said Tuesday that the United States was “at the crossroads of a great turning point” in the nation’s energy history. [New York Times]

The commercial shipping industry has warned since November that if low water makes moving cargo too dangerous, a 200-mile stretch of the Mississippi between St. Louis and Cairo, Ill., would be effectively closed. [USA Today]

Australia on Wednesday was grappling with an unprecedented heat wave that has sparked raging bushfires across some of the country’s most populated regions — pushing firefighters to their limits, residents to their wits’ end and leaving meteorologists tracking the soaring temperatures into uncharted territory. [New York Times]

The world’s climate could be hijacked by a rogue country or wealthy individual firing small particles into the stratosphere, claims a warning that comes not from a new Hollywood movie trailer but a sober report from the World Economic Forum (WEF). [Guardian]

France has doubled its target for new solar projects to at least 1,000 megawatts in 2013, helping spur use of European equipment, Energy Minister Delphine Batho said. [Renewable Energy World]