Jews for Sarah Launches; Palin Announces America is a “Christian Nation”

Last month, some folks launched a website, stating “Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin is an independent group of academic, religious and political leaders, dedicated to promoting consideration of Gov. Sarah Palin’s political positions in the wider American Jewish community.” In other news, Jon Chait finds Palin going out of her way to make sure that no non-trivial number of Jews will ever vote for her:

She denounced this week’s Wisconsin federal court ruling that government observance of a National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional — which the crowd joined in booing. She asserted that America needs to get back to its Christian roots and rejected any notion that “God should be separated from the state.”

“Hearing any leader declare that America isn’t a Christian nation and poking at allies like Israel in the eye — it is mind-boggling to see some of our nation’s actions recently, but politics truly is a topic for another day,” Palin said.

In some ways the really noteworthy thing here is that Palin specifically combined her denunciation of religious minority groups with an attack on Barack Obama’s insufficient fealty to Israeli government policies. The two themes were in the very same sentence. It’s an interesting glimpse of a trend I think we’ll see more and more of — a largely post-Jewish brand of pro-Israel politics.