Joe Scarborough Writes The Third-Catchiest And Most Politically Pointed Song Called ‘Reason to Believe’

As a September 11 song, it’s definitely not as corny as it could have been, even if it buys into the idea that everything changed after the attacks, and it’s got some genuinely evocative imagery in service of its anti-war message:

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Still, Bruce Springsteen’s “Reason to Believe” is both more broadly applicable — you don’t have to have lost someone in the September 11 attacks or the subsequent wars to be included in the lyrics — and a bit more pointed about economics:


Then there’s Rod Stewart’s totally apolitical version, which is a great hopeless love song:

Unfortunately, it’s not available in an embeddable version, but John McCutcheon mashes up Bruce and Rod’s versions in a cover he calls “Reasons to Believe.”


I totally forgot that Stewart is just covering Tim Hardin, which is silly because I own Hardin’s version. Anyway, both renditions are a lot of fun.