John McCain Repeats Vegas HSR Lie, Adds New Non-True Details

Given that legislators who want to provide accurate information to their constituents have no had ample time to learn that the stimulus package does not contain an $8 billion earmark for high-speed rail between LA and Las Vegas, I’m going to go ahead and call John McCain a liar:

So, we will be seeking fair and transparent use of the money. I believe that Arizona can compete with any other state or locality to get the much-needed money. Already we’re seeing a good example. There was $2 billion in the Senate bill of the stimulus package for light rail; there was zero in the House. It came out of conference — only Democrats, no Republicans in the room — with $8 billion for light rail. And guess where it’s going to go? A light rail between Las Vegas and L.A. Everybody knows that.

Could we have competed for that money? Maybe so. So it’s business as usual in Washington, and I think that Americans are generally very disappointed. Sorry for the long answer.

It can’t be the case that “everybody” knows that because it’s not true. The thing that John McCain wants where different states can compete for the high-speed rail money is what the bill already says. Except McCain has piled ignorance onto dishonesty by confusing high-speed rail (advanced passenger trains that run between cities) with light-rail (relatively low-capacity trains used for intra-city mass transit). They have a light rail system right in Phoenix so it’s not as if there’s no way he could have informed himself about these issues.