Juan Williams finally drops his NPR identification when appearing on O’Reilly.

Juan Williams’s often incendiary rhetoric when appearing on The O’Reilly Factor as a Fox News analyst finally caught up with him after he compared Michelle Obama to “Stokely Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress.” Fox News has regularly identified Williams as a “senior correspondent of National Public Radio” or an NPR “political analyst.” However, last night — at the request of NPR — he was stripped of this designation:

On Feb. 11, NPR ombudsman Alicia Shepard noted that “NPR’s Vice President of News, Ellen Weiss, has asked Williams to ask that Fox remove his NPR identification whenever he is on O’Reilly.” Yesterday was Williams’s first O’Reilly appearance since that request was made. Since Shepard’s post, Williams has also appeared on Fox News Sunday (Feb. 15), Special Report (Feb. 13 and 16), and Hannity (Feb. 11), during which he was still identified as being affiliated with NPR.