Judd Gregg’s Reconciliation Hypocrisy

Jon Cohn notes that Judd Gregg, recently seen whining that passing bills by majority vote is dictatorial, was all for the Bush administration’s efforts to use the reconciliation process to open the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to exploitation by oil companies.

Of course, there’s only so outraged one can get about Gregg’s fake outrage. I argued back during the “nuclear option” fight that Democrats should try to use the moment to abolish the filibuster altogether. But it’s normal for partisans to flip-flop on the merits of minoritarian obstructionism when control of the Senate switches hands. Gregg is being a hypocrite and deserves to be called on it; media outlets who quote him complaining without noting that he’s a hypocrite are being irresponsible. But I save my personal outrage for the members of the majority party who are already hard at work finding ways to block a popular new president’s progressive agenda.