Judge expected to side with Gov. Paterson on gay marriage in New York.

In June, a coalition of conservative groups and lawmakers — led by the right-wing Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) — sued New York Gov. David Paterson (D) for ordering state agencies to recognize gay marriages legally performed in other states. In a potential civil rights victory, a New York Supreme Court judge yesterday indicated that she would be siding with Paterson:

[ADF lawyer Brian] Raum argued that, if Mr. Paterson’s interpretation of New York law were to stand, “then marriage would mean nothing. It would mean whatever any foreign jurisdiction says.”

“Yes, it does mean that in New York,” Judge Billings replied. She said that there could be an exception if a certain marriage were deemed “abhorrent” but did not say gay marriages fit that definition.

Judge Billings also implied that she would rule against the Alliance Defense Fund, forcing them to appeal their case. “The petitioners, I’m sure, are headed to a higher court,” she said.


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