Juliet Eilperin: Climate Change Could Become 2012 ‘Wedge Issue’

Washington Post environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin believes that global warming, an issue of nuanced dispute in the 2008 election between pro-cap-and-trade candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, could become a major “wedge issue” in 2012. “This has the potential to become a wedge issue,” she said at the Stanford Unversity Woods Institute for the Environment on Monday. “What is so interesting is whether it will be a wedge issue for the left or a wedge issue for a right.” Eilperin believes climate hawks may have the upper hand. “If you contrast [the GOP’s opinion] with the general electorate, at least if you look at straight polls, they show… support for someone who addresses global warming,” she said. “For Democrats and independents, you have more to gain by advertising this idea that you would address climate change,” Eilperin said. “It is significantly more of an asset than a liability for a presidential candidate.”