July 13 News: America Ranks Below China And Europe In Energy Efficiency

In the U.S. — land of the gas-guzzler SUV and 24/7 air conditioning — energy efficiency isn’t known as a strong suit. The country’s power management efforts are so poor that a new report ranks it near the bottom of the pack of major economies. [Los Angeles Times]

Rising temperatures caused by climate change may lead to reduced milk production among cows in the southern United States, a new study suggests. [U.S. News]

America declared a natural disaster in more than 1,000 drought-stricken counties in 26 states on Thursday. [Guardian]

It’s high season in the nation’s national parks as millions of visitors come to see nature. Yet many visitors are likely to find their view of the natural landscapes softened, if not significantly obscured, by haze or smog from civilization. [New York Times]


According to a new survey, the most eco-conscientious consumers were in the developing world, in places like China and India. And these countries tend to have the most green guilt. [Wonk Blog]

Senegal is one of 11 countries in the Sahel region of Africa looking towards the same solution to the desertification problem: The Great Green Wall. [Guardian]

Global oil demand is expected to rise by one million barrels a day next year, faster than growth this year, but “well below” the levels seen before the financial crisis as economic recovery remains muted, the International Energy Agency said Thursday. [Wall Street Journal]