July 6 News: Midwest And East Coast States Continue To Swelter Under Record Heat

St. Louis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and several other Midwest cities already have set record highs this week or are on the verge of doing so. And with even low temperatures setting heat records, residents are left searching for any relief. [Associated Press]

Record-breaking heat across the U.S. and catastrophic wildfires in Colorado are giving environmentalists a rare opening to regain the political offensive on climate change. [The Hill]

Hundreds of thousands of people remained without power Thursday after a line of deadly storms struck last Friday. [New York Times]

A unique ice-class barge designed to clean up any oil spills that might result from Shell Alaska’s upcoming operations in the Arctic Ocean has so far failed to acquire final U.S. Coast Guard certification. [Los Angeles]


Global grain markets are being transformed by extreme heat and dryness in a key U.S. growing region. Fields in the Midwest are baking under relentless sunshine, raising concern over crops in the country’s corn belt. Led by corn, grain prices have soared. [Wall Street Journal]

The government is under intensifying pressure over its wind energy policy with a lobby group threatening legal action and a key investor warning that a planned £200m facility could be at risk. [Guardian]

Five rural energy programs will end while others will be slimmed down if a draft version of the 2012 farm bill released Thursday becomes law. [The Hill]

There are only a little over 500 deployed energy storage projects in the world, according to Pike Research. So what’s the hold up? [Earth2Tech]