Just Like Palin, Fiorina Flip-Flops On Her Support For The Bank Bailout

Appearing at an American Spectator Newsmaker Breakfast this morning, California Senate candidate and former McCain campaign adviser Carly Fiorina said that she “probably would have voted for” Justice Sonia Sotomayor because “she seemed qualified.” Asked if she thought former Alaska governor Sarah Palin would back her campaign, Fiorina said she had “no idea,” but that she shares “Sarah Palin’s values.”

Later in her chat, Fiorina demonstrated one of the values that she shares with Palin, which is flip-flopping on last fall’s bank bailout. Fiorina told the reporters at the Spectator breakfast that she opposed bailouts:

Fiorina said that she was opposed to bailouts and President Obama’s economic stimulus package. Instead, she said, she supports low taxes and spending, and described the nation’s debt as “unsustainable.”

But in 2008, Fiorina defended the bailout, calling it “necessary”:


— FIORINA: And, finally, if you cannot get a loan for anything that you need to do, keep your small business running — in other words, the bank bailout was, unfortunately, necessary because credit is tight for hardworking Americans and small businesses. And John McCain has very specific proposals to help them get through this. [Fox News, 10/14/08]

— FIORINA: I think there are many people who are uncomfortable with the government bailout. And I think many people, including Senator McCain, supported that a bailout for the very simple reason, and only one reason, and that is credit was being cut off to small businesses, to companies, and to families in America.

So something had to be done to loosen the credit freeze. And, in fact, it appears to be working thus far. While the stock market plummeted today on fears of an economic slowdown or recession, fundamentally, we can see the credit is loosening. That is a bit of good news. [Fox News, 10/22/08]

Palin and Fiorina aren’t the only conservatives whose “values” have changed regarding the bailout. Both Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck supported the financial rescue, but now rail against it.