Just When You Thought the “Beer Summit” Story Couldn’t Get Any More Ridiculous…

… along come the temperance activists:

Beer sends the “wrong message to our nation’s youth who are becoming alcoholics at young ages,” said Rocky Twyman, founder of Pray at the Pump, in a statement this morning. “Whether or not he likes it, President Obama is a role model for all the youth in America. His actions count.” […]

The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union also isn’t happy. “There are so many other beverages he could have chosen that would have served just as well,” said president Rita K. Wert, suggesting lemonade or iced tea.

Speaking of becoming alcoholics at young ages, when I was a young man I, like Professor Gates, was a frequent Red Stripe drinker. Why? Well, because high on the relatively short list of bars in New York City that would serve 16 year-old boys in the great year 1997 was Cafe Creole at 99 MacDougal street where someplace called 99 Below is today. Being Caribbean-themed, Red Stripe was on offer. So cheers to underage drinking, it doesn’t seem to kill foreigners.