Justiceline: April 13, 2012

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  • As Romney prepares to speak to the NRA’s national convention, NRA members are trying to get over the fact that he was a strong supporter of gun control during his time as Governor of Massachusetts — that is, when he wasn’t distracted by the fact that he was signing the model for Obamacare.
  • Meanwhile, the Arizona senate passes a bill that would allow firearms in most public buildings.
  • The Ninth Circuit held that public television stations have a right to run political ads.
  • In the latest episode of the soap opera that is the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Justice David Prosser makes the uncharacteristically reasonable request that the fellow justice he allegedly put in a choke hold should recuse herself from his disciplinary hearing.
  • Tenther U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX), who believes that George Soros and the UN have launched a secret plot to eliminate golf courses, raised $1.3 million in campaign funds during the first quarter of 2012.