Justiceline: January 26, 2012

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  • Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s takes a hard line on immigration when he campaigns in English, then says something completely different in Spanish.
  • A Climate Science Legal Defense Fund has been set up to protect scientists who become the victims of Cuccinelli-style legal witchhunts.
  • Tennessee’s governor and two house speakers push a constitutional amendment to preserve that state’s system where new judges are appointed by the governor and then run retention elections. As it turns out, the state constitution might not actually allow judges to be selected the way they have been since 1994.
  • Guam welcomes Justice Sotomayor to the District Court of Guam’s annual conference, explaining why Sotomayor did not attend the State of the Union earlier this week.
  • A judge in Richmond, Virginia allows a challenge to the GOP-controlled legislature’s authority to draw congressional maps to move past a preliminary stage, although the judge has little to say about the merits of the case.