Kagan claims Democrats want to ‘profit on this war.’

During Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker’s testimony last week, lawmakers from both parties pointed out that U.S. taxpayers “are carrying a staggering burden” to pay for reconstruction in Iraq at the same time Iraq “rakes in massive amounts of oil revenues.” On his radio show last night, Hugh Hewitt asked surge architect Fred Kagan for his “assessment of that critique.” Kagan responded by wildly misinterpreting it, saying that critcs want “to make a profit on this war”:

KAGAN: Well, golly gee, I mean, you know, I thought it was no blood for oil, right? I mean, do we actually have an imperialistic party in this country? And is it actually the Democratic Party? I didn’t think that we’d gone into Iraq to make a profit on this war.

Listen here:



Over at Attackerman, Spencer Ackerman mocks Kagan’s “energetic non-sequitur” and points out that it’s war hawks who have actually profiteered from the war.