Kansas GOP Candidate Removes Tweet Attacking Indian-American Challenger As An ‘Evil’ ‘Turban Topper’

Yesterday afternoon, Mike Pompeo, the Republican congressional candidate for KS-4 and RNC committeeman, tweeted out to his supporters an article he thought would be a “good read”:

Here’s a good read about the Team Pompeo campaign:

That link goes to a post on Newsvine by ret. Gunnery Sgt. Bob Pinkstaff USMC, who rails against Pompeo’s Democratic opponent, state Rep. Raj Goyle (who also used to work at the Center for American Progress). In the post — which the Pompeo campaign endorsed by sending out to its supporters — Pinkstaff calls the Indian-American Goyle a “turban topper” who “could be a muslim, a hindu, a buddhist etc who knows”:

As I was listening to radio station 1330 about a week ago, the radio station did an interview with goyle and should be on tape and available to the public. The interviewer asked him what religion or faith he belonged to and this guy mumbled and stumbled around the question, never directly answering it. Like his comrad obama, he wouldn’t give an answer, only that he was not a Christian. This guy could be a muslim, a hindu, a buddhist etc who knows, only God, the shadow and …goyle knows! One thing’s for sure … goyle is not a Christian!

Since the 2008 election of the evil muslim communist USURPER, barack hussein obama, political candidate “BIRTH CERTIFICATE & RELIGION” information is now a vital part of the vetting/nomination/election process for any and all American citizens seeking political office.

Just like his evil muslim communist USURPER comrad, barack hussein obama, This goyle character is just another “turban topper” we don’t need in congress or any political office that deals with the U.S. Constitution, Christianity and the United States of America!!!

The Goyle campaign put out a press release this morning, saying the tweet went “beyond the rules of engagement in politics. This violates the principles and core values of Kansans.”


The Pompeo campaign has taken down the tweet. We spoke to Pompeo spokesman Josh Wells, who said that the tweet was a mistake; it was supposed to go to this post. According to Wells, both posts came in the same Google alert, so there was a copy-and-paste error. He said that they recognized the mistake “within minutes” and took it down. The Pompeo campaign did later tweet the correct post, but that too is now gone. Wells said he didn’t know why it was down. He added that the Pompeo campaign does not endorse Pinkstaff’s views in any way.

Pompeo’s win in the “bruising” KS-4 Republican primary has not been received warmly by some other Republicans. The GOP candidates who came in second, third, and fourth place have not yet decided whether they will endorse their former rival. “I don’t want to have anything to do with a terrible, negative campaign,” said state Sen. Jean Schodorf (R), who came in second and resented the Pompeo campaign refusing to denounce negative ads run against her by outside groups.


The Pompeo campaign has issued a full apology here.