Kasich Responds To Issue 2 Loss: Clearly, Ohioans ‘Didn’t Like The Tools We Offered’

Last night, Ohioans delivered an unprecedented blow to the already unpopular Gov. John Kasich (R) with the defeat of his anti-labor law, Senate Bill 5. As Plunderbund notes, the defeat marks the first time a governor has seen signature legislation rejected within his or her first year in office. Last night, Kasich congratulated Ohio’s workers for their victory, acknowledging that “when the people speak in a campaign like this, a referendum, you have to listen if you’re a public servant.” Kasich said he’ll continue to work with local governments but warned them that “there is no bailout coming” because, though he continues to push corporate tax cuts, “we have to be very careful with our money.” He determined that the rejection of Issue 2 merely reflected that “people didn’t like the tools we offered here.” Watch it: