Kellyanne Conway responds to question about guns by criticizing Clinton for tweeting about her book

She attacks Dems for not talking about gun control while the White House tries to shut down debate about that very topic.


During a CNN appearance on Thursday morning, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to a question about why President Trump avoided talking about gun control during his trip on Wednesday to Las Vegas by criticizing prominent Democrats — including Hillary Clinton, who is a private citizen — for not tweeting more about guns before the Las Vegas massacre occurred.

“We did a quick search, and so if you go and do a comparable search you will see that this conversation isn’t being had until tragedies like this strike by those who try to be the loudest voices,” Conway said. “You see Hillary Clinton, who’s out on a book tour talking about herself, not talking about this. You see her rushing to judgment on Twitter the other day while people are still looking through the rubble searching through the hospital for their missing loved ones, trying to politicize it. She’s tweeted about guns exactly one time this year — Bernie Sanders, zero times, Elizabeth Warren, zero times.”

Conway then suggested that instead of tweeting about the multiple ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign for possible collusion with Russian operatives, Democratic lawmakers and media organizations like CNN should’ve been talking about gun control instead.

“They have tweeted about Russia over 30 times — Sanders and Warren — and it approximates CNN’s own coverage,” she said. “Your obsession with Russia has been to the exclusion of this conversation, so I know the high-horse cavalry loves to run in thumping their chests after the tragedies, but let’s step back and have a thoughtful conversation about everything that is at play here. The more information all of us can learn about what happened in Las Vegas, the better.”

Ironically, Conway is concern-trolling about gun control while the White House tries to shut down a debate about that very topic. Post-Las Vegas talking points distributed by the White House that were amplified during a briefing on Monday by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders assert that “it wouldn’t be appropriate to start having a political debate before we even know the facts.”


“Let’s gather the facts before we make sweeping policy arguments for curtailing the Second Amendment,” the memo adds. “The investigation is still in its earliest stages.”

Just before leaving for Vegas, Trump told reporters he wouldn’t be talking about gun control during his trip.

“We’re not gonna talk about that today,” said Trump, who benefited from nearly $30 million in National Rifle Association campaign contributions last year. “We won’t talk about that.”

Democrats have introduced a bill to ban the so-called “bump stock” device the alleged Las Vegas shooter reportedly used to modify semi-automatic weapons so they fire at rates similar to automatic weapons. While some Republicans have left the door open to supporting the measure, the House version of the bill didn’t have a single Republican co-sponsor as of Wednesday afternoon.