Kirk Cameron Claims Crucifixion For His Anti-Gay ‘Love Speech’

Kirk Cameron is playing the victim card for all that it’s worth. Following up his new partnership with the National Organization for Marriage, Cameron spoke at Liberty University last week about the comments he made in an interview with Piers Morgan in March. Choosing not to reiterate his belief that homosexuality is “unnatural,” “detrimental,” and “ultimately destructive” to society, Cameron simply said that his words constituted “love speech,” and that liberals tried to “crucify” him for these remarks:

CAMERON: Will you speak the truth in love? Because the truth is always “love speech,” it’s not “hate speech.” The truth, communicated with compassion, with a desire to see people in a right relationship with God — helped, and healed, and whole — is the most genuine form of love speech you can give to anyone. Am I right?

But you know, I also learned a lesson from that. And that is that blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America. And I seem to have blasphemed the God of political correctness and they tried to drag me out into the public square and crucify me.

Watch it (via Right Wing Watch):


Condemning an entire group of people as a bane on society can hardly be considered “love speech,” nor does accountability for such harmful remarks constitute crucifixion.