Koch Sen. Scott Brown Threatens Social Security And Medicare Cuts, Refuses To Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) continues to defend oil subsidies and tax cuts for millionaires, while now threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare. Because “we’re in a financial emergency,” Brown told senior citizens at the Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly in Brighton on Monday, existing programs for seniors are under the axe:

If anybody’s telling you that ‘Everything’s OK, and don’t worry about it, and you’re going to get all your benefits, and everything’s fine,’ then they’re not really telling you the truth.

This comes only a few months after Brown attacked Democrats for “scare tactics” over the debt ceiling fight. At the meeting, Brown was asked if he was willing to fight the “financial emergency” by asking oil companies and millionaires to make any financial sacrifice, instead of seniors. Brown said that would be “an absolute job killer”:

Would you be willing to support closing tax loopholes on big oil? …Would you be willing to raise revenue on the wealthiest 1 percent?

Brown said he had voted to close some loopholes, such as a tax subsidy for ethanol. But he said he was not inclined to support any more taxes.

“We’re in a 2 1/2- to 3-year recession right now, and raising taxes is an absolute job killer,” he said.

That’s right: asked about eliminating subsidies that benefit Big Oil, Brown touted his vote to end an ethanol subsidy. His vote helped Big Oil keep its stranglehold on the U.S. economy.

Brown’s economic math isn’t any better. The recession began in December 2007, over three years ago, and formally ended in June 2009, over two years ago. Even though the private sector has been adding jobs at a steady clip this year, unemployment remains high because of mass layoffs in the public sector. And those are the jobs paid for by taxes.

While senior citizens suffer, the super-wealthy and the corporations are paying record low taxes while making record high profits, thanks to tax cuts for the rich under Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Brown is subsidizing his donor base, like the Tea Party billionaire Koch brothers, on the backs of America’s hard-working middle class and vulnerable senior citizens. Maybe Brown is worried that it would be an “absolute job killer” or a “financial emergency” if he were to work for his constituents instead of his paymasters.