Krauthammer Claims He Doesn’t ‘Complain’ About Liberal Bias, Forgetting His Long Record Of Doing So

In a new column, Editor & Publisher’s Joe Strupp writes that conservative columnists are finding “a definite upside” to having a liberal in the White House after eight years of George W. Bush. “It is a lot easier to be in opposition, it is easier to criticize,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer told Strupp.

In his interview, Krauthammer also told Strupp that the Bush years were especially difficult for conservative columnists because of “a pro-liberal media bias.” Though he claimed he doesn’t “complain about it,” Krauthammer added that “it’s always harder for a conservative”:

Krauthammer says that even when Bush was in power, he and other conservative columnists had a more difficult time because of what he believes is a pro-liberal media. “The media bias is so overwhelming, I don’t even complain about it,” he said. “It is always harder for a conservative, no matter who is in power.”

The irony of Krauthammer claiming he doesn’t complain while simultaneously griping about how hard the media world is for conservatives is especially rich considering Krauthammer’s record of media bias complaints. For instance, in a Fox News segment last October on “Media Bias in Covering the Presidential Campaign,” Krauthammer griped about the coverage of then-candidate Barack Obama:


KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I think that’s the point. The mainstream media, it has gone beyond the point of a lack of curiosity, a lack of questions, a lack of probing into Obama’s associations in the past.

It’s that it has dropped a curtain over these associations, and implied or claimed openly as it said in the editorial page of The New York Times that to probe into them, to question them, and to bring them up is to engage in a form of racism. […]

We are looking at the most left-wing candidate with the most radical associations since Henry Wallace in 1948, and the press has ruled out as illegitimate any inquiries into this.

Krauthammer has been even more explicit in his syndicated column over the years:

“This is not an isolated case. In fact the case is a perfect illustration of an utterly commonplace phenomenon: the mainstream media’s obliviousness to its own liberal bias.” [Washington Post, 1/14/05]

“When the subject of liberal bias in the media is brought up, particularly during an election campaign, journalists tend to roll their eyes and groan ‘there you go again’ at this recrudescence of an old right-wing shibboleth.” (Washington Post, 1/29/00]

Clearly, Charles Krauthammer doesn’t “complain” about media bias except for all those times he complains about it.